Inquire Within

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answers you're looking for here, feel free to submit your question to us and we'll get it included.

"Are your retreats for introverts only?"

Absolutely not. We do our best to create the right conditions and expectations on our retreats so that introverts will feel at ease and happy, but that doesn't mean that it's exclusive to introverts. Anyone can enjoy the peaceful adventures we want to share, regardless of personality type. Even the most extroverted among us can use a little chill time away once in a while! We simply expect that all participants will be respectful of preferences for personal time and space.

"I'd love to attend with my extroverted partner. Is that ok?"

As stated above, all personality types are welcome. We don't ever intend to be an exclusive club, accessible only to those "just like us"--whatever that might mean. What we do intend to do is provide the kind of social, personal and experiential space in which introverted types will feel most comfortable. Even the most engaging extrovert can use a space like that from time to time! We would love for this to be an opportunity to build greater understanding and respect for one another. If we're all respectful of each other, then we see this as a strength.

"Will you be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions?"

Of course! We will have a skilled and accommodating chef available on-site to create deliciously healthy meals. They will be able to customize meals for you so long as they know your dietary needs and preferences before the retreat begins. After you sign up, we'll be in consistent communication about this and other details to make sure that everyone feels safe and relaxed during the retreat.

"Are children allowed on your retreats?"

The most current retreat we're offering is a child-free experience. But, we have heard some requests to do one for families and that is something we're open to and actively considering. Please feel free to let us know if you'd like to see a family option, or even just one where certain age groups are allowed. We'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you have!

“You mention self-guided activities. What exactly are they?”

In all of our retreats we offer some guided group activities as well as what we call “self-guided" activities and excursions. While guided meditation and yoga are offered as a group, we also provide you with the option of having a quiet station to yourself, including some prompts and ideas for you to practice on your own. Information and suggestions are provided for you to do most of our group activities on your own if that is what you prefer at any given time.