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Peaceful Adventures

For the introvert in all of us

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InnerConnected Retreats offers peaceful adventures to beautiful natural settings in world-class destinations. Our retreats are perfectly formatted for those who want to explore the three living landscapes that we depend on for a sense of identity and meaning: the inner landscape of your thoughts and feelings, the interconnected landscapes of our social bonds, and the untamed natural landscapes of the world.

As introvert travelers, we know the reluctance many introverts have about group travel. We like to have flexibility in our schedule. We need alone time. We don’t want to be overwhelmed with the expectation to socialize constantly.

What if there were an alternative? What if there were a trip format that truly celebrates introversion and caters to individual needs? Now, there is.

Here’s what we do differently:

Founders Melissa Renzi and Jason Brashares.
We allow plenty of alone time to recharge. Traveling with a group can feel overwhelming if you always have to be with other people. We structure our schedules so that you have enough alone time each day to do anything your inner heart desires.
We offer self-guided activities. While we provide group activities and shared meals, we offer self-guided options as well. If you want to go on a solo excursion or meditate alone one morning, you got it. No questions asked. All group activities are optional and we set the tone from the start to ensure that everyone can be themselves.
We minimize the small talk. Well, we are not banning small talk, but you will be among like-minded folks that want to connect at a deeper level and understand that small talk can feel draining. We offer group discussions centered on meaningful topics. We encourage quiet hours during certain times of the day, in order to support mindfulness and peace. 
We connect travelers before the retreat. We create private Facebook groups specifically for trip participants to get to know each other prior to meeting in person so that participants feel more connected and comfortable upon arrival. 
We create authentic travel experiences. We select locations where we have traveled or even lived so that we can provide you with a genuine connection to the natural beauty and culture of a place. Our experiences allow the time and space to connect to yourself and fellow travelers in a way that honors the introvert in all of us. 
We encourage you to be yourself. We set the stage from the start so that you can decline an activity or leave the dinner table early. You don’t even have to eat with others if you don’t want! We value each person’s individual needs and we truly want your voice. We encourage you to say no when something is not for you and we ask that your fellow travelers honor your wishes.

Our Retreats:


Lake Atitlan

2018 - 6 Days


April 2017 - 6 Days


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